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Looking for a professional auto glass repair company in Plano? Look no further for the windshield, door, or back window replacement quick and windshield replacementaffordable. Plano Auto Glass Company is the shop for all your automotive needs. Every Plano windshield replacement or repair that we perform is by an experienced and certified professional. All our repair and replacement work is guaranteed by a lifelong warranty for your peace of mind. Every repair professional we send out has at least ten years of experience working in the automotive glass replacement industry.

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Small chips and cracks in your vehicle’s glass are not something you should ignore especially as it only takes a bump on the road to make them bigger. Small chips also cost a lot less to repair compared to replacing windshields. In fact, many insurance companies will also allow you to have these repairs conducted for free and will waive off any costs associated with such a repair.

Our certified technicians are highly adept at repairing auto glass on a variety of different vehicles and can fix chips which are the size of a quarter or cracks which are 2 to 6 inches long. The repair process involves sucking the air out of the damaged area of the window and then filling it with a special resin solution that seals the damage. This reinforces it as well, and we ensure that each vehicle that moves into our repair station leaves roadworthy and you will never have to worry about that chip or crack opening up again.

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There are certain conditions under which it might become important to replace the damaged windshield altogether. This may happen if the crack is too large and a Plano, TX windshield repair simply won’t do it any justice. We even recommend changing a windscreen if a small chip is present directly in the driver’s line of sight. This is because rock chip repair, no matter how small can leave some minute distortions in the windscreen which can impair a driver’s vision. Our company always uses the best products from reputed manufacturers. These distributors also produce the OEM material for automobile companies. This is why the window replacement we perform on your car will leave it as good as new.

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