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Windshield Glass Insurance Coverage

Most people don’t think about windshield glass coverage in their auto insurance until they need car window repair or replacement. Try to be well informed regarding your auto insurance, so when you have a damaged auto glass you will know whether it’s included in the coverage or not.

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A crack or chip on your windscreen should be treated immediately for your own safety. A simple repair probably won’t bother you a lot because normally it’s quite cheap, but if you need to replace your windscreen or other parts of your vehicle glass, the cost will definitely make you think about your auto insurance. But some people are unsure about their auto insurance coverage and they don’t know whether windshield glass is included within the coverage. Some people worry about whether their premium rates will increase if they file a claim for their automobile glass.

Auto Insurance Types for Windshield Glass

Two of the most common auto insurance for regular car owners are comprehensive insurance & collision insurance. Usually when your car is insured with comprehensive coverage, it will include any damages on your auto glass. It will cover damages on your windshield caused by hail, falling debris, rocks, vandalism, collision, and other things. Usually you will only have to pay your deductible for when you use your insurance for a new windshield or other auto glass replacement. In fact, in some cases, you won’t even have to pay anything at all. Not a single penny.

While liability & collision coverage normally doesn’t cover auto glass damages unless the vehicle is involved in an accident with another car.. The liability clause will cover the damage on the other car that involved in the accident, in case the accident was your fault, the collision clause will cover damages that happened to your automobile.

However, there are still a lot of people that have auto insurance with comprehensive clause who feel a little hesitant about filing an insurance claim for their windshield glass damages, just because they think it will increase their insurance premiums. This is not a correct opinion, claiming your insurance for vehicle window damages will not always increase your insurance premiums. It’s best if you contact your insurance before anything bad happened and be sure about your auto glass coverage.

Filing A Window Replacement Insurance Claim

Insurance claims can sometimes could be a time consuming and exhausting process. This is also the reason why many people feel hesitant about filing a claim when they have car window damages, especially if they have a busy schedule. It’s a good thing that nowadays most vehicle glass shops can help you file your insurance claim. This is very helpful because it can save you a lot of time. Basically they can help you process your claim from beginning to end. So before you take your car to an auto glass shop, ask whether they can help you file your automobile window insurance claim or not.