Professional Windshield Replacement

Laminated and Tempered Auto Glass

Laminated Glass
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Auto glass is a very important part of your vehicle to ensure your comfort and safety when driving. If your windshield has lots of scratches it will restrict your visibility when driving and you might get into accident. So when your windshield gets hazy it’s important for you to get it repaired or get a windshield replacement immediately. Chips on your auto glass can also be hazardous. Small chips can get bigger instantly when you’re driving on a bumpy road and the glass fragment might get you injured.

If you want to get a side glass or windshield replacement, you need to make sure that the auto glass you choose has good quality and could guarantee your safety when driving. Generally there are two kinds of auto glass you can use, laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass contains several layers of glass surrounding an inner layer that’s usually made of plastic or resin. This plastic or resin layer will serve as a binding interlayer. These multiple layers will make laminated glass extremely strong and will not completely shatter in a crash. When accident happens, the glass will break into a spider web pattern but it will not completely shatter. Laminated glass is an ideal choice for windshield due to its strength.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made out of a single piece of glass that has been heated and then immediately cooled. The heating and cooling process makes the glass 5-10 times stronger than before. However, tempered glass is much easier to break than laminated glass, it will shatter into tiny pieces without sharp edges. That’s why it’s an ideal auto glass to be used in side windows for emergency escape. It will allow the passengers to get out of the vehicle safely without the risk of getting injured from the shattered glass.