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Windshield Repair

When dealing with rock chips, windshield repair is your best friend. Your car, truck, or van’s windshield is a lot more than a piece of glass and has been made to ensure that it protects you from almost any kind of danger that the road can throw at you. With that said, you should take its well-being with utmost seriousness, Windshield Repairmeaning if there is even the slightest crack, it would be best if it was repaired before it became a major problem. Small cracks and chips are also mostly repairable, however, if they become bigger, then you may have to replace the windshield which is costly. Furthermore, Auto Glass of Mesquite has all the tools and expertise you will ever need to get that windshield fixed. Our highly experienced auto glass technicians are adept at repairing most kinds of damages that befall a windshield.

Kinds of Damages We Repair

In most instances, damages sustained by auto-glass are caused by pebbles or small stones and artifacts which are thrown up in the air by passing cars. These can lead to cracks which are usually about the size of a one-dollar coin or a quarter. These cracks usually look like a spider web, half-moon, star, or a combination of these. In some cases, very small cracks can become larger if they are aggravated by a bump on the road. Most of these cracks are easily repairable however there are certain conditions where a windshield glass replacement may be required, such as if the damage is directly in the driver’s field of view, or if it is larger than a few centimeters across.

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Windshields are built to withstand some serious punishment which means they are very durable. Armed with the latest in auto glass technology, our repair experts can easily patch it back together! We begin by sucking the air out of the damaged area and then filling it with a special resin which is designed to add strength to the structure of the glass while giving the damaged area adequate visibility.

Remember! If your vehicle’s windshield is damaged then it’s better to get it fixed now rather than wait till it has turned into a huge, unmanageable crack. Most insurance companies also waive off costs of small damages as a means to encourage the owner to get the damage repaired as soon as possible.

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